Consumer Watch – Part 004: Energy Bracelets

Energy Bands

Power Balance - a beautiful con

If you are out shopping at malls this holiday season you may run into one of the many vendors who are selling “energy bracelets”.  These wristbands are claimed to improve your balance, performance, and health.  Turns out these unverified claims are all false-advertising, and the originators of these aesthetic shams are being hit with some fines and restrictions.

Here is a great article detailing the actions being taken against the Power Balance company for making false claims, as well as a video from Richard Saunders at the bottom showing the tricks they are employing to sell these products.

Power Balance False Claims

If you would like to support the movement against these products and charities, go and check out the SkepticBros and get one of their Placebo Bands for only $2  instead of $60 for the Power Balance wristbands.  Wear a couple on your wrist and people will definitely ask you about them, then you can show them the tricks and make them more aware of these scams.


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