Consumer Watch – Part 005: Magnets!



The knowledge of magnets has been around for a long time. The magic properties of these rocks gave way to the use in medical therapies very early on. Magnets are real, are used in good modern medicine, and can be very useful in many ways. However, there are a lot of products, like copper bracelets, pendants, etc. that are being sold in today’s market. The short end of the story is, static magnet fields like those you would find in jewelry are not going to help any issues you may have, it requires powerful dynamic magnets like they use in expensive medical equipment to actually have effects. The placebo effect is a powerful thing…(see Part 006)

This topic was suggested by the reader Michael Ward.  I have always loved magnets, so this was a fun one to research.  I have two great links for this one, a 5 minute podcast that goes over the history, claims, and products, and a link with published journal article resources and detailed descriptions.

Magnet Podcast

Magnet Therapy


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