Consumer Watch – Part 009: Oil Pulling

Rinsing your mouth regularly promotes good mouth health in general. However, risking lipoid pneumonia from swishing an oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes sounds like added risk with no additional benefit over standard rinsing or brushing methods.

Dr. Steven Novella has a great article discussing the present data on oil pulling.

Oil Pulling – Science Based Medicine

“There is no reason, either theoretically or based upon any evidence, to recommend oil pulling instead of standard modern health care with flossing, tooth-brushing, and mouth rinse. However, it does appear to be better than nothing, and might have a role in developing countries without access to modern oral care. The one caveat is that extended periods of swishing that are commonly recommended (10-20 minutes) are likely not necessary and further present a risk of lipoid pneumonia from accidentally breathing in small amounts of oil.”


Skeptoid’s Brian Dunning also has a great breakdown of this issue with some great references that you can find here.

Oil Pulling – Skeptoid


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